You can supervise your GPU's temperature and fan speed from your mobile very simple.


  • Linux or Windows operation system (Tested with Ubuntu 16.04 64bit and Windows 10 64bit)
  • AMD or Nvidia graphics card(s)
  • An iPhone or iPad device with iOS 9+

Install client on Linux systems

  • Download Miner Monitor for Linux (64bit)

    wget https://asimpm.com/static/downloads/1.2beta/ASiMinerMonitor_v1.2beta_linux.tar.gz

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  • Unarchive the downloaded file

    tar xvzf ASiMinerMonitor_v1.2beta_linux.tar.gz

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  • Run it with:

    cd ASiMinerMonitor

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  • Optionally, if you have a desktop installed (Unity, Gnome, etc), run with:

    cd ASiMinerMonitor
    ./ASiMinerMonitor --wingui

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Install client on Windows systems

Add miner to your device

  • Download ASi Mining Pool Monitor from the AppStore if you have not installed yet.
  • Add a client for the following steps:
  • 1. Open the app and select "Miners" tab.
    2. Tap on "Edit" button in the top right corner
    3. Tap on "Read QR code" and read the QR code from your client
    4. You are done! Successfully added your miner. Go back and check the values
  • After the connection established, you will see the values!

Add more miner to your device

There are 2 ways to add more then one client to your device

  • Do the same as the first one, or
  • After you installed the client on your second miner, but before run it, edit the configuration file as follows
    • {
       "channel_id": "YOUR_CHANNEL_ID",

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    • Where

      The channel id what you scanned at the last time. You can find it in the last miner's config file, or in the application ("Miners" tab, and tap on "Edit". On the "CHANNELS" list, you can find it).
    • After the modification, just run the client. If you do anything correct, the second miner will appears on the "Miners" list in the app automatically.

Configure the client

  • On Linux

      • Set miner name

      • Run the client
      • Press 'n' button
      • Enter the new miner name
      • Press 'Enter' button
      • Done!
      • Set temperature unit in client

      • Run the client
      • Press 't' button
      • Press 'c' for Celsius or 'f' for Farenheint
      • Press 'Enter' button
      • Done!
  • On Windows

    • Run the client
    • Click on 'Settings' button
    • Make the changes what you would like
    • Click on 'Save' button
    • Done!